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arquitecto en Toluca Metepec


This video is a sneak preview of the most recent project we´re developing in Metepec, Mexico.


This house was designed with a contemporary look with clean volumes, we added natural materials such as architectural concrete, wood and glass that contrasts with black aluminum panels.


The MODULAR twr is located on the most prosperous area of the city, the project meets the maximum space requirements from the client without compromising the views and sunlight.


The 42 "boxes" used as modules, represent the area we were able to use in this particular site area according to the urban plan of the town and site construction regulation. Calculating the construction coefficient adequate to this lot we could build 1,512 m2, we decided to distribute this area in 42 modules.


We used the "boxes" to create interiors and external spaces giving the whole project movement and generating terraces with green roofs and public spaces. We also optimized space, materials, building timing and budget by using commercial measurements in all our modules.


The modulation used also helped us by using a simple structural grid, the 6m spaces generated with the structure in the basement is what was needed for correct function of the parking spaces.


The project is considered to be commercial spaces on the street level and the rest of the areas will be office rental spaces so we considered common areas suitable for any business that could use the space, making

every area comfortable and with the least amount of energy consumption to achieve optimal climates and lighting.

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