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MEGA arquitectura  is an architectural firm founded by Rafael Meléndez and Josué Meléndez, dedicated to the creation and research of Architecture and Design.


We are a México based firm of architects, designers, builders and thinkers, currently operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and construction. MEGA’s architecture comes from a constant research of the context of each specific project but mainly focuses on contemporary human behavior and needs, which change through the years and even places in the world.


Spaces are structured to ALWAYS satisfy functionality, comfort, and logic solutions in an aesthetic and bioclimatic sustainable way.

We provide extensive research in important areas for our clients: economy, ecology and social impact taking advantage of new technologies and design tools.


Each project is designed with specific solutions for specific problems. 













Architectural design starts with a full research of needs from the client, users, environmental and social contexts. The first thing to analyze is the site and urbanism, this brings limits to the project we consider from the start. We investigate history and social context in search for a CONCEPT to give a meaning to all our ideas. Creative process brings it all together by joining formal solutions with functionality and investigation into a visual architectonic element with fine aesthetics.


We use the latest imaging and animation software to create virtual and physical models both for design and presentation purposes from the earliest stages of the process to fully inform the clients and involve them in our designs. 








We believe that partners can contribute and refine any given idea into more than the sum of its parts. We choose our partners carefully based on their past experience and knowledge but most importantly we work with architects and specialists with passion for their respective fields who will help us overcome any challenge presented to us.


We include areas such as industrial design, structural engineering, landscaping, construction, urban planning, installation engineering, sustainable analysis, and many more depending on the scope of the project. 








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