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LOCATION: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

STATUS:     idea

YEAR:        2012

SIZE:          4,307 m2

TEAM:        Josué Meléndez, Rafael Meléndez, María Moedano, Renán Juárez, Héctor Ramirez


The STAR cathedral, is a proposal to rebuild the Port-­‐au-­‐Prince cathedral in Haiti which was destroyed by the earthquake on January 12th 2010.


The main idea was to create a design that breaks with the classic roman cross form that is used by the catholic religion but always thinking on the roots and symbolisms basing on some Bible texts.


The STAR cathedral is formed by two triangles representing the trinity of God and man, and the fact that God

created man in his own image and likeness(Genesis 1:26-­‐27).


With this concept we draw the Star of David adapting its geometry to the ground and form two triangular prisms which likewise represent God and human, the volume that represents God is bigger and symbolizes

the Trinity of God, interprets the father with a golden finish, the son is represented by a cross and the holy Spirit through perforations giving an aspect of divinity (Apocalypse 22:16).


The second triangular prism symbolizes man, is smaller and gray to represent our imperfection.


The idea of having two volumes representing God and man is because we believe it is the place where people

want to meet with their god.



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